SPUERKEESS Your bridge to life

Throughout 160 years of history, Spuerkeess has always had the ambition to meet and exceed the requirements of its customers:

  • A trusted partner: tradition and banking innovation since 1856.
  • A partner of proximity: the largest network of agencies and self-banking spaces in Luxembourg.
  • A partner who's listening: 1,800 employees to meet your needs and accompany you in your projects.
  • A strong partner: Standard & Poor's and Moody's international rating agencies have awarded Spuerkeess some of the best ratings in the world.
  • An experienced partner: our advisors offer you their know-how and experience in the international financial markets.
The loyalty of existing customers and the continuous arrival of new customers encourage us to continue our approach while we keep striving to be even closer to the needs of each and every client.
Françoise Thoma, Chief Executive Officer

Since its foundation in 1856, the sole shareholder of Spuerkeess is the State of Luxembourg Aware of its mission to support the national economy, Spuerkeess strives to maintain an excellent financial solidity.

Long Term Deposit Rating
Long Term Deposit Rating
Standard & Poor’s
Safest Bank Award - Luxembourg
Safest Bank Award - Luxembourg
Ranked among the safest banks in the world 2019, Global Finance Magazine

The financial strength of Spuerkeess An important argument when looking for a trading partner for a long-term banking relationship.

Key figures 2018 in millions of Euros
Balance sheet* 01.01.2018 31.12.2018 Variation
Total assets 45.411,1 46.128,2 +1,6%
Customer deposits 31.565,3 31.988,0 +1,3%
Debt securities in issue 3.859,9 3.798,2 -1,6%
Loans and advances to customers 20.779,8 21.796,2 +4,9%
Equity 3.689,6 4.007,1 +8,6%
Capital ratio 18,4% 22,7% .
Profit and loss account** 31.12.2017 31.12.2018  
Operating income 606,9 537,0 -11,5%
Total general expenses 328,2 342,3 +4,3%
Net income 240,8 175,4 -27,2%

* Balance sheet figures at 31/12/2017 adjusted for restatements on first-time adoption of IFRS 9
** Income statement figures at 31/12/2017 not restated under IFRS 9 

Annual Report 2017 (French version only)

Annual Report 2017 (French version only)

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Thanks to its experienced staff, Spuerkeess is regularly awarded for the excellent services offered

  • Spuerkeess seeks to be the partner of private customers as well as of commercial, craft and industrial companies, thanks to its strong and experienced teams, its network of branches covering the whole country and its ability to innovate.
  • Regular exchanges, transparency, understanding and trust continue to be the key elements of a successful and lasting partnership between the client and his banker.
  • The Bank remains attentive to its customers in order to keep offering services and products of optimum quality.

The Board of Directors of Spuerkeess

Mr. Camille FOHL Chairman  
Mrs. Elisabeth MANNES-KIEFFER Vice-Chairwoman  
Mr. Nima AHMADZADEH Member  
Mrs. Simone DELCOURT Member  
Mr. Georges DENNEWALD Member, Staff representative  
Mrs. Marie-Paule GILLEN-SNYERS Member  
Mrs. Carmen JAFFKE Member, Staff representative  
Mr. Manuel NICOLAS Member  
Mr. Jean-Pierre ZIGRAND Member  
Mr. Bob KIEFFER Supervisory Commissioner  

The Executive Committee of Spuerkeess

  • From left to right

    Romain Wehles, Executive Vice President

    Aly Kohll, Executive Vice President

    Françoise Thoma, Chief Executive Officer

    Guy Rosseljong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    Doris Engel, Executive Vice President