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Personal loans

Personal loans

Make your dream come true

If you need financing for a new car, furniture, a holiday or a family event, then check-out the attractive terms on our range of personal loans.

Classic personal loan

This loan is available between 12 and 60 months on a monthly repayment basis. The interest rate is fixed to the life of the loan.

We recommand an insurance on the outstanding balance, the premium of which will be added to the amount borrowed.

BCEE’s other personal loans all have the same basic features as the classic personal loan, plus several other benefits such as :

axxess loan

The axxess loan may be granted to our young customers between 18 and 30 years of age.

Benefit from the numerous axxess loan advantages:

  • minimum loan amount of EUR 5,000 and maximum loan amount of EUR 50,000,
  • duration of 1 to 5 years,
  • fixed interest rate, meaning fixed monthly installment during the loan duration,
  • reduction of 0.30% on the nominal interest rate if your salary is paid into a BCEE account,
  • renewable until your 30th birthday,
  • debit interest deductible from your taxable income up to an annual amount of EUR 336 per person in the household.

Looking for a new acquisition? Then estimate the monthly installment online here !

ZEBRA personal loan

As a holder of a ZEBRA  confort, surf and first current account package, you may benefit from a preferential rate when subscribing new personal loans*.

*subject to your application being accepted

"EcoPrêt AUTO" a loan for cars with low CO2 emissions

To support the Government's efforts to promote cars with low CO2 emissions, BCEE grants with EcoPrêt AUTO  a special reduction on the reference rate for personal loans financing new cars complying with the requirements of the new regulation of December 5th , 2007 ( ).

If you are interested in any of these personal loans, please contact your usual BCEE branch , or complete the online  application form.