BCEE savings products match every customer's individual needs

Increase the value of your investments in different ways. BCEE has simple, flexible investment solutions to match every customer’s needs. With BCEE’s investment solutions, prepare your future with peace of mind.

Investment Funds

BCEE offers in-house investment funds, as well as a selection of funds by other promoters.

As a  holder of a ZEBRA confort, surf and first current account package, you may benefit from a substantial discount on the subscription fee of BCEE’s investment funds. Based on the general tariffs on financial instruments, the reductions vary according to the chosen package:
ZEBRA confort: 10% -  ZEBRA surf: 15% -  ZEBRA first: 25%


You can buy and sell shares on a large number of European and other stock exchanges. To buy/sell shares, you can either :

  • Visit your usual BCEE branch
  • Log on to S-net, BCEE’s Internet banking solution.


BCEE offers a large number of bonds in EUR or in USD.

Gradual Rate Deposit

The Gradual Rate Deposit is a euro-denominated account with a term of 18 months to 5 years that rewards your loyalty with an interest rate that increases every 6 months.

Investment advisers - Private banking

Investment advisers are available at BCEE’s head office in Luxembourg and in many branches. Contact our advisers to establish your investment profile and for help in choosing your investments, or download our Private Banking brochure.

If you want to take advantage of regular, customised and pro-active advice, as well as a regular, detailed report on your investments, contact our advisers in your nearest finance centre and sign an “ActivInvest” package.
For further information about this package, download our ActivInvest brochure.

If you want a professional management of your assets, call our Portfolio Management department.