Multibanking All your current accounts in a single application

A better overview

Integrate your POST and Raiffeisen current accounts within S-Net and S-Net Mobile!


What is a bank account aggregation service? #Openbanking #PSD2 #XS2A

Using S-Net and S-Net Mobile, View the account summary for accounts held with other banks at a glance.

You can currently integrate current accounts held with Raiffeisen and POST.

Other banks will be added in the next few months.

What functionalities are available for these accounts?

Consult account balance
Consult account balance
The account balance is displayed in your account summary, together with your Spuerkeess accounts
Consult details of transactions
Consult details of transactions
Transaction histories for the last three years are accessible on a dedicated screen.
Make transfers - AVAILABLE SOON
Make transfers - AVAILABLE SOON
Make payments from accounts held with other banks directly using S-Net and S-Net Mobile

How do I integrate my account?

  • Step 1: Add your account

    Log in to S-Net or S-Net Mobile and access your Account summary.

    Click on the “Add an account” button and select the relevant bank.

  • Step 2: Consent

    Confirm access to your third-party accounts using S-Net through LuxTrust authentication.

  • Step 3: Consult your account

    Your third-party current account will now be visible in the list of accounts in your account summary.

    To keep your account visible in S-Net, your consent must be renewed within 90 days at the latest.

Feel free to consult our FAQ if you have any questions.