Personal reserve Enjoy the benefits of always having a reserve available, in order to finance your spontaneous or unexpected expenses.

Want 24/7 access to resources to cover an unexpected expense or to take advantage of a good deal?

With the personal reserve, you own the necessary funds for an unspecified period

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Take advantage of a re-usable loan! The use of the loan triggers autonomous monthly repayments, which will build the available amount back up!

No need to visit a branch when new expenses come up:

  • Combination of credit and savings
  • Borrow up to EUR 25.000, anytime
  • Repay at your own pace, with a minimum monthly instalment
  • Preferential rate on the debit side for Zebra Premium account holders
  • After reimbursement, use your personal reserve as an interest-bearing savings account

A funding solution for every situation Our products from the Prêt Plus range adapt to all your desires

Leaflet "Prêt Plus"

Leaflet "Prêt Plus"

Want to replace your car, renovate your home, buy furniture, or simply fund your holiday? With the personal loan, you can borrow a fixed amount over a shorter or longer period at the best available rate!
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