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Benefit from the expertise of a personal Private Banking Advisor before making your investment decisions, as well as from preferential pricing. 

Activinvest and Activinvest Plus Benefit from an adviser who will advise you and guide you through all your projects

Your profile
Your profile
Benefit from a personal Private Banking Advisor who is there to listen to you and support you in all your projects.
Your investments
Your investments
Take advantage of investment advice for investment funds, ETFs or a wide range of shares with preferential rates.
Professional portfolio monitoring
Professional portfolio monitoring
Benefit from professional monitoring of your portfolio and individual investment propositions.

Our Private Banking Advisors give you the benefit of their experience and in-depth knowledge of international financial markets.

Activinvest or Activinvest Plus ? Invest with your bank at preferential rates

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* Subject to any exceptions provided for in the issue prospectus. ** Transaction fees may be increased by taxes that apply to the various stock exchanges (stamp duty, tax on financial transactions, capital gains tax, etc.), or by local settlement fees for certain stock exchanges outside Central Europe and North America. *** Service subject to conditions and reserved for individuals domiciled for tax purposes in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. **** Minimum term of the contract: 6 months. Annual charge of 0,40% with an annual minimum amount of EUR 500 (excluding VAT 17%). ***** Minimum term of the contract: 6 months. Annual charge of 1,00% with an annual minimum amount of EUR 2.500 (excluding VAT 17%).

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