MIA - My Intelligent Assistant Track your budget. Live smarter.

Hello, I am MIA

Your completely free personal finance assistant, helping you manage your budget in a simple and intelligent manner.


Main features

MIA helps you manage your daily finances and anticipates your budget.
MIA analyses and categorises your income and expenses to make your financial decisions easier.
MIA helps you to automatically meet your targets, and attain the objectives you have set your heart on.

I help you understand your financial situation.

I anticipate your future expenses to give you an overview of your available budget.

Your available budget until 01.11.2020

I analyse and categorise your income and expenses.

I provide you with a summary of your income and expenses by category.

I help you meet your targets.

I encourage you to save regularly for your next holidays or a new car.

Categorisation of movements

Your movements will be automatically assigned to a category of expenses or income. You can change this category at any time.

Comparison of expenses

Compare your monthly or annual expenses easily.

Savings targets

Meet your targets more easily. MIA enables you to define several savings targets and regularly add funds. You can set up automatic transfers or add funds manually, and MIA keeps you informed as to whether you will meet your target at the chosen rate and on the desired date. 

Calculation of available budget

MIA anticipates your future expenses and calculates your available budget until the next pay check arrives.

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