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Even closer to your needs during the Autofestival Finance your plans with a personal loan or opt for an all-inclusive leasing

Personal loan Benefit from the most attractive interest rates to finance your major purchases

  • Your solution to finance all your needs
  • From EUR 5.000 on
  • Fixed monthly instalments
  • 12-60 months
  • 1,40% Effective annual rate

Private Lease Thanks to Lease Plus, the only thing you’ll have to remember is to fill up the tank!

  • An all-inclusive leasing offer for private individuals in Luxembourg
  • Administrative management, insurance, maintenance and tyres: all-inclusive
  • Take advantage of our special offers or configure your dream car

Do you need a new car? You're not sure whether a leasing is the right choice for you?

It’s more expensive than buying and you don’t even own the car!

Leasing vs buying a car: no more misconceptions! Misconceptions die hard! Fortunately, we are here to put that right.