22nd February 2019

Saving for your children: what makes the most sense?

Sophie and Marc are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter Lily! While the couple is on cloud nine, they already have quite a few questions about their child’s financial future. How can we save for our children? What are the best investments to make right away?

Now A savings account: a little gift to get them started

Lily has already received many little gifts since she was born! Spuerkeess also offers a newborn gift of 50 euros when you open a blocked savings account in the child’s first 12 months.

Saving for your child from their birth via a savings account is a quick and easy way to build up some funds to get them started in life. Certain savings accounts are frozen until the child reaches the age of 18 to ensure that all the funds will be available when they enter adulthood. Other savings accounts, like the Spuerkeess Tweenz account, offer the child the option of accessing the funds earlier, with the agreement of their legal guardian. This can help children learn to manage money.

With the blocked savings account and Spuerkeess Tweenz account, children are automatically part of the Tweenz-Club, which offers advantageous conditions with many retailers as well as fun activities.

Later Cover for their studies or the start of their working life

The Spuerkeess newborn gift goes beyond the savings account: in the child’s first 12 months, lalux Life Insurance offers a credit of 50 euros to put towards lalux Study Cover insurance!

Why life insurance?

  • to guarantee financing for your children's studies, or simply to give them an easier start in adult life;
  • for flexibility: freely decide the amount you would like to invest and the age at which your child will start to receive the amount invested, in the form of an allowance;
  • for the tax benefit: you can deduct the premiums paid from your taxable income;
  • for the attractive terms: the interest rate is guaranteed, and you enjoy lalux benefits.

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