29th January 2020

Make the most of the Autofestival with Spuerkeess’s personal loan and private leasing

It’s over. After 10 years of reliable service, Sophie’s little car has died. A first car is a bit like a first love… But there’s no need to be sad because the Autofestival is coming around! And a new car means financing. Sophie intends to take advantage of not only the festival’s special conditions, but especially the favourable terms of Spuerkeess' personal loan. Currently, the loan’s conditions not only apply to the purchase of a new car but also to the financing of other projects you hold dear!

An attractive loan and a special rate

Sophie already has her heart set on a specific car model, but before treating herself to a ride, she still needs to apply for the loan. Nothing could be easier, because personal loan appointments can now be taken online on www.bcee.lu/pretplus! Moreover, she can also apply online after simulating her loan, which is even simpler.

Since the special terms of the Autofestival apply until 03 February 2020, Sophie, who holds a Zebra Premium account, will get the special rate of 1,40% and is exempt from paying the handling fee.

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Available from 5.000 euros on, the loan funds are deposited into the current account all at once, and the monthly instalments, known and defined in advance, are automatically withdrawn from this same account for a period of 12 to 60 months. Come on Sophie, what are you waiting for?

What if I prefer a Leasing?

Don't be afraid, Sophie! As free time has become scarce for the young parents since Lily’s birth, the Lease Plus offer from Spuerkeess makes life easier for them.

Thus, they enjoy the all-inclusive package and the only thing left to do with Lease Plus, is to fill up the tank!

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DS Crossback e-Tense

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