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Independent asset management company, founded in 2006

Independent asset management company
Independent asset management company
Founded in 2006
Stable ownership
Stable ownership
Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, Luxembourg und lalux Assurances
Winner of the award of best fund manager in Luxembourg in its category
Winner of the award of best fund manager in Luxembourg in its category
BCEE-AM's professional and diversified portfolio management policy has been recognised by the rating agency FundClass for seven consecutive years

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  • Efficient management of allocations;
  • Daily monitoring of returns and volatilities in our lux|funds range;
  • Performance analysis, attribution and monitoring of returns carried out on a daily basis by the Operations and Risk Management teams;
  • Information provided to advisors on a daily basis, showing developments in returns and risks.

BCEE Asset Management
6a, rue Goethe  L-1637 Luxembourg
Tél.: (+352) 26 895 1

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