Discover all the KNAX-Club activities

KNAX-Club has a lot to offer to kids aged between 6 and 12 wanting to :

  • manage and lay out their money to advantage,
  • take part in interesting leisure and educational activities.

Why become a member of KNAX-Club ?

  1. The membership is free
  2. the KNAX savings account benefits from a high interest rate where interest is accrued from the first cent and detailed on a recapitulative bank statement
  3. there are many interesting reductions on leisure activities to take advantage of
  4. KNAX-Club members receive gifts on various occasions
  5. numerous leisure activities are organised for KNAX-Club members to take part in.

How to become a free member of the KNAX-Club?

Each account holder of a KNAX or Fit4Future savings account can become a free member of the KNAX-Club.

Your welcome gift, a beautiful KNAX pencil case, as well as your personalised KNAX membership card will be sent to you by post.

More information by phone (+352) 4015-2117 or via e-mail to