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Carte axxess

axxess card 12-26 years

Your access to a host of banking and other benefits

axxess – the all-purpose card par excellence!

If you’re between 12 and 26 years old, just pop in to your branch and ask for your axxess card – it’s free! It’s more than just a bank card – find out about the additional benefits you can get when you show the card to make your purchases.

The axxess card is free of charge and you can use it on the S-BANK and V PAY networks. Furthermore, the account balance is verified at each transaction so there will be no risk of account overdrawing.

These are the main advantages of the axxess card in a nutshell:

  • With the axxess card, you can withdraw money without charge through S-BANK , BCEE’s cashpoint machines available 24 hours a day, check your accounts and make Eurotransferts at preferential rates
  • the account balance is verified, i.e. there is not a risk to overdraw the account
  • V PAY: the cashpoint network (ATM) and the in store point-of-sale terminals allow you to pay for purchases and withdraw cash using your axxess card and PIN number, both in Luxembourg and in Europe .

Ask now for your axxess card!