Children and young people

TWEENZaxxess START, axxess UNIF, axxess JOB:these BCEE programmes are specially tailored to meet the needs of children and young people.

0-6 years

To give young children the best start in life, BCEE has a special range of investment products with preferential rates... >>>

6-12 years

The TWEENZ-Club, an amusing, educational programme designed for children between 6 and 12 years of age. Its aim is to combine education with saving through activities that are both amusing and instructive... >>>

Students (12-22 years)

Are you aged between 12 and 22? If so, come and learn more about axxess and discover a world full of new opportunities... >>>

Students (18-30 years)

Looking for student accommodation, rent to pay on time, utility, water and gas bills to settle, requesting an internet connection, books to buy – higher education involves a lot of administration which in turn requires good daily financial management... >>>

Young professionals (18-30 years)

Reserved for young people under 30 in employment, axxess JOB is a programme that will meet your needs... >>>