Classic Login procedure

Always eager to keep pace with the technical progress, the access to the S–net solution is being done by using a virtual keyboard, which is displayed on your screen.

How to use the Classic Login?

On the first screen, please indicate your identification number and your password.

Next, please click on the 'Next' button and select the 3 characters of your security card on the virtual keyboard, which is displayed on the following screen.

After having filled in all the 3 fields at this screen, you need to click on the 'Next' button at the bottom of the screen, in order to send a connection request to BCEE. If all the entered data are correct, S-net will display the 'Welcome' screen. In any other case, an error message will be displayed, inviting you to enter the various data again.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, to use the S-net Classic Login, you do not need to install any new programme or plugin. By the way, BCEE will never send an unsolicited (or unrequested) non-encrypted e-mail containing an executable programme to be installed on the customer's PC.

Whom can I contact, should there still be any questions?

To contact our Helpdesk e-Banking, please fill in this form or contact us by calling (+352) 4015-6015.