MasterCard Blue

MasterCard Blue

Pay with an internationally recognised credit card, wherever you are

Ready cash at any time

With the MasterCard Blue card, you can withdraw money from cash points throughout the world and without charge, from S-BANK machines as direct debits.

Travel accident insurance abroad

Provided you have paid one third of the cost of travel and accommodation for a personal or business trip with a MasterCard Blue card, you will automatically receive accident insurance up to EUR 100,000. This also applies to your spouse or partner living under the same roof for at least six months and for children under the age of 25 if they are still dependant on you, if applicable.

Statement and monthly payment

You pay for all transactions carried out using your MasterCard Blue card (except for direct debit withdrawals) once a month. This gives you a free overdraft for several weeks.

Details of your transactions are included in the monthly statement, which gives you full control over your expenditure.

In addition, the ability to check the outstanding amount on your cards through S-net means that you can keep a close check on your expenditure throughout the month.

Two ways of paying to choose from:

To settle your monthly statement, you can choose between:

  • Payment of the monthly statement in full by direct debit
  • Payment spread over several months by revolving credit, with automatic deduction of 10% of the monthly amount (with a minimum of EUR 50).

Each ZEBRA current account package includes at least one credit card*.

*subject to your application being accepted


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